New Year message from CEO of Cabo Verde TradeInvest

New Year message from CEO of Cabo Verde TradeInvest

Dear Investor, (National, International, Diaspora)

n my role as CEO of Cabo Verde TradInvest, a position which I am immensely proud  and honoured to hold, I am tasked with the responsibility of showing the world that Cabo Verde is open to the world for business and welcomes all those who seek new opportunities for investment in a country which is truly on the move.

Being responsible for promoting this amazing country and attracting inward investment, is more that a commitment, it is a mission!

The opportunity to accompany the implementation and fulfilment of your investment is for us, a great privilege. Be it to provide support and aftercare for already existing investments in our country or helping you overcome any challenge or issue which may arise makes us proud to be involved and contribute to your success.

We are all too aware of your contribution to job creation, quality products and services as well as vitalising and growing our economy, so having the opportunity to play a part and contribute to this is a supreme honour.

We know that you invest because you recognise our potential, that Cabo Verde is the crossroads to Africa, Europe and America and that we continuously strive to bridging  four continents. Cabo Verde is truly a country on the move!!

Thank you for believing in our country, for finding us worthy of your trust. Thank you on behalf of Cabo Verde.


May 2020 prove to be everything and more that you hope it will be.

Ana Lima Barber


Cabo Verde TradeInvest



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